Thursday, February 26, 2009


      The word fashion is usually related to dress but it is also related to manner and way of behavior. Fashion is the word which covers every possible craze of particular age in a sophisticated glamour. When handsome and charming a lord byorn, who walked with a limp, it become a fashion all over England. With fast growing consumerist culture – every thing which is advertised in a glamorous and charming manner – becomes a fashion. For example, the advertisement of ice- creams, chocolates are so attractive that nowadays days it becomes fashion to have it in elegantly decorated product to attract people.
          During the independence struggles, it was a fashion to ware kadhi, but now a days it is fashion to ware western cloths, use of queer mixture has become a fashion this days. Since the fashion keeps changing, it expands our area of wants and desires. It is not a bad thing to be influenced by any fashion but one should always try to find out the logic behind fashion.

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